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Pre Season Info 2017 - 2018

              Weraroa Cricket Club Pre Season 2017- 2018

Pre Season Games & Training's

Club's want to be part of our pre season?

Please contact Brett Cole Phone: 0275094743

We are only interested in linking with organised clubs for our pre season, its important we don't get defaulted too.  Pre season is important to Weraroa CC and our build up for the new season. In the past we have worked with some of the best clubs in Palmerston North, Wellington, Masterton and the Hawkes Bay.

We tend to hold our games local since we can have grounds ready at this part of the season, but we also are happy to travel.

If any teams wish to be part of our Pre Season, please contact Brett Cole Phone: 0275094743


Pre Season Indoor Training

Indoor Pre Season Training

Teams: Weraroa As / Bs / Presidents / College

Starts:  Thursday 24th August 2017 - On going every Thursday

Time: 7pm

Venue: Levin Indoor Centre @ Donnelly Park Levin

There is a 5 training club build up before the 1st club game.

Future times may vary when the weather is better and we can train out side, this season all club teams being As,Bs, Presidents, College will train together and use their own net when batting and bowling, all teams will warm up and complete fielding drills together.

Its important we are getting good numbers to trainings.  Each team will get their turn with Mattt Good and other supporting coaches.

WCC will provide out side coaching to support Matt Good this season.


WCC Senior "WCC Team Bonding Weekend"


Saturday 16th September 2017

Details to come very soon


1st "Pre Season Game"

Saturday 23rd September 2017

"Local Game"  TWO GAMES

  • 11am Start 20-20 Game
  •  Weraroa As Vs Johnsonville Cricket Club @ Donnelly Park Levin 1
  •  Weraroa Bs / Mix Vs Wellington Easts 4th @ Donnelly Park Levin 3

  •  2pm Start 20-20 over Game
  •  Weraroa As Vs Johnsonville CC @ Donnelly Park Levin 1
  •  Weraroa Bs / Mix Vs Wellington Easts 4th @ Donnelly Park Levin 3

2nd Pre Season Weekend

Saturday 30th September 2017

WCC Reps Away (HKCA away in Napier)

WCC Bs & As will mix together, and the Presidents have their 1st pre season game this weekend.

"Local Game" 

  • 11am Start 20-20 Game
  •  Weraroa As / Bs VS Feilding CC As @ Donnelly Park  3 Levin 
  •  Levin Old Boys CC As / Bs vs Wellington Easts  2nd @ Donnelly Park 1 Levin
  •  Weraroa Presidents / College  Vs Bloomfield CC @ Donnelly Park  2 Levin

  •  2pm Start 20-20 over Game
  •  Weraroa As / Bs Vs Wellington Easts CC 2nd @ Donnelly Park  3 Levin
  •  Levin Old Boys CC As / Bs vs Feilding CC As @ Donnelly Park  1  Levin
  •  Weraroa Presidents / College Vs Bloomfield CC @ Donnelly Park  2 Levin


HKCA Senior Club Season Starts

Saturday 7th October 2017 -  All grades will start on this date.  

MCA Primary & Intermediate & College Season Starts

Saturday 28th October 2017 - All School & College grades should start after labour weekend, as per past draw history.  More details to follow.


Twilight Cricket 2017-2018

Twilight cricket starts Wednesday 22nd Nov 2017