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History Of Statz 

Weraroa C.C Club Statz

Weraroa Honors Board Statz 2018-2019 

Weraroa Honors Board Statz 2012-2018

Weraroa Honors Board Statz 1979-2011

At present the committee are working hard to have the club honors board statz updated.  This takes alot of work, but we will catch up since our club statz are very important.

Team top run takers, Team top wicket takers, Team all rounders.  These players in this list were prize giving winners for the season.  I am sorry but we only hold statz winners dating back to 1993.  Enjoy looking for your name.


Club Statz As At 01-04-2020
Season At Present Under Way

This season statz will be added after April 2020


Club Statz As At 01-04-2019

Season 2018-2019 Completed


Club Statz As At 01-04-2018

Club Statz As At 01-04-2017


Prize Giving