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ROA Fantasy Club Cricket

2018-2019 Fantasy Season  

After a great season 2017-2018 - The committee is keen to bringing back Fantasy Club cricket for another go.  

Its Here!!

Any one can play be a WCC Member or another club member or even just the general public.

With winter out the way, we can finally start thinking about the truly important thing in life: cricket. Rummaging through the cupboards we piece together our whites, pads and trusty willow – elegantly stroking an imaginary ball to all parts of the hallway in the process.

And if the prospect of once again hitting a blistering cover-drive for four or nipping another one between bat and pad isn’t enough, there’s a reason to be even more excited for the 2017-2018 cricket season: Weraroa Fantasy Club Cricket.

Fantasy Club Cricket is a fantastic fund-raising tool – more about that below – that lets you pick and manage a team of heroes from your club’s players. Your players will score your team points based on their weekly performances so now you’ve got even more of an excuse to get back to the bar and rifle through the scorebooks!

Pick your mates (or not); ponder who’s going to have a blinder with the bat; predict which bowlers will scatter the bails all season; pluck the names of all-rounders destined to scoop up valuable points week after week.

You’re just a few clicks away from experiencing the thrills and spills of your very own personalised Fantasy Club Cricket league.

Have fun and may battle commence!

Support your club and have fun doing it!

How It Works  - 55 Million To Buy A Great Team

Fantasy club cricket has been designed to be easy to use across any device and couldn’t be simpler to set up:

Once your club has signed up you’ll be given your own private URL that you use to set up your league. You simply share this with club members and they can enter their team.

You have a set amount of money to spend on your team of 11 which cannot be exceeded.

You must pick four batters, four bowlers, two allrounders and one keeper

Each week the players in your team score points based on their performance in real life; scoring runs, taking wickets, catches, stumpings, run-outs and maidens are all worth points.

Each team selects a captain each week who will score double points

Each team can make one free transfer each week (additional transfers are permitted but cost points)

Follow The Steps

How to create a team:
1. Browse to http://weraroa.fantasyclubcricket.co.uk/
2. Sign up using your email address
3. Create your team
4. This season its Free.

Weraroa Cricket Club Westpac Bank Account


How to play: (more detailed instructions are on the site WCC Fantasy)
1. Create a team and name it
2. Name a captain (can change each week) to score double points
3. Manage players using 1 free and unlimited costed transfers per week
4. Score more points than everyone else
5. Win!

WCC Fantasy Manager

If you have any questions please contact Neil Anderson

Neil has asked you email as 1st point of call.

email address is: neilando67@gmail.com

His Cell number is: 0275477421

Neil's role is to completed the points / statz each weekend and complete spot checks on teams to make sure they are following the rules and keep members up to date with the leadership board.

If you have any questions Neil is now the go to person.


1st Prize - Most Over All Points

18 Years Plus  -  $200.00 Sports World Voucher

2nd Prize  - Most Over all Points

$100 Sports World Voucher

3rd Prize - Most Over all Points

$50  Sports World Voucher


Weekly Winner - Most scored points

Gets a $20.00 Weraroa Bar Tab - To be used during the season.

Why Not!!!!

  • Fantasy Cricket is great because it generates chat down the club house and may even enhance performances out in the middle.

  • Featuring your club’s very own players, Fantasy Club Cricket is a breeze to set up and customise, and simple to manage –  the hardest part is deciding who gets in your team!

  • Simply sign up, submit your club’s players and update your points once a week – we’ll take care of the rest.

  • You'll have 1st team players desperate to know how many fantasy points their President team counterparts earned over a few beers back at the clubh house after the game.

Roa Fantasy Rules

Rules General

  • There can be only one team entered per registered user account.
  • Season starts 12th Oct 2018 approx, after this date it costs points to swap and change players.  Before the start date its free to swap players around and select the best over all team.
  • Each team shall have a value of no more than $55 million.
  • Managers may enter a team at any point during the season, although in order to score points for the first game week, teams must be submitted before the Season Start date. Thereafter, entries will start scoring points from the game week after they were entered and points will not be backdated.
  • For WCC College players that play two games in the one day, we will use their best  game (most over all points) of the two played as the counted result for the day, that could be their college result or Presidents result / statz.
  • Senior A Sunday - Prem2 Comp Counts also while Reps are away.
  • For A's & Bs & Presidents & college players that play two games in the weekend or x2 20-20 games in the one day or Friday 20-20 & Saturday game/s, or Saturday & P2 Sunday games, we will use their best  game the player played that weekend  (Being the game with the most over all points scored) of the two - three games played as the only counted result for the day.


Game weeks

  • The game week will advance every Saturday at midday; the same time as transfers and captain changes are processed.
  • For the purpose of viewing league standings by month, game weeks that span two months will count for the month that they started in.
Transfers and Captain Changes
  • Managers may alter their teams at any point during the Season. A total of 1 free transfer is available each week and additional transfers are permitted, but will incur a cost of -20 points per transfer. When a captain is transferred out of a team, the team will be without a captain and a new one should be selected.
  • Transfers and captain changes may be submitted at any time but will not take effect until midday the following Saturday, so they are active for the upcoming game week.
  • Please note that transfers are free and unlimited up until midday on the date of the first match.
  • Should a players value increase at any point during the season, then teams who have selected that player shall receive the difference as additional budget when making transfers.
  • Should a players value decrease, teams will lose that amount from their transfer budget (as long as the budget remains above the original limit).
Team Selection
  • The players included on the selection list and their values will be determined by the League Administrator.
  • Each team can select a captain who will earn double points each week. You may change your captain each week if you wish.
  • Every team must contain 4 x batters, 4 x bowlers, 2 x all rounders and 1 x wicket keeper
  • All players are eligible to earn points of any type. Batters will get points for taking wickets and bowlers will get points for scoring runs.
  • Players will score points as detailed below