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Weraroa committee have developed a club volunteer role booklet for all current and future club committee and club role holders supporting the club each season.

The club committee has designed a new volunteer system where no one on the club committee or no one who holds any club role/s is required to provide more than 3-4 hours of there personal time each week to the club.

Having this volunteer system does mean we require more people / members on our club committee and more people / members holding small club roles.

The club is very lucky to have a club manager who takes care of all  the volunteers and club role holders and works with them weekly during the club year to help / support with tasks at the club and keep everything required for the role upto date and getting done. 

The club committee does not want club member burn out, and we will make sure the club volunteer coordinator works close with club role holders to make sure this does not happen.   

If club people / members are having to provide 4+ hours into the club weekly, the club committee will make sure this does not continue to happen and will work hard to address the problem.  The Weraroa CC value our members and their family time.  

  • No Member Provides More Than 4 Hours Of Their Time Per Week.
  • No Member Holds More Than 2 Club Roles.
  • No Member Controls Or Is Responsible For More Than 2 Income Streams.


Fancy 'doing a favour' for the Weraroa cricket club?

Volunteers are vital to the health and development of grass roots cricket.  Without them, the future of the beautiful game at all levels would be in jeopardy.

You can make a difference, do a favour for your local club

  • Volunteering is very rewarding and has great benefits for both the club and individual.  If you are thinking about seeking a new job, entering university, starting a new school, working in sport or generally improving your self, cricket clubs can provide the perfect opportunity to help you reach your goals and objectives.

  • Among 200 of the New Zealand leading businesses: 73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteer experience over one with out. 
  • 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add too skills.  58% say that voluntary work experience canactually be more valuable than experience gained in paid employment.
VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED - GET INVOLVED - DON'T BE SHY, (We don't bite!) DON'T BE SHY, (We don't bite!)

Would you like to offer your help and become a Weraroa Heron Volunteer?. 

Please make contact if you can help, you dont have to be a cricketplayer, parents and wags, and retired people are most welcome.

  • Many of our Volunteers are not on our current club committee that help our club.
  • Youdont have to join the committee / or will you be roped in to join.
  • You will not beasked to complete a job you dont want to do.
  • Most jobs only take one hour of your time per week, so if you have a spare hour and can help in any area dont be shy please make contact with us. Your help would be great!!

Club Positions

  • We have a number of positions available, most of which require just one hour per week. The more volunteers, the more we can spread the load and the more we can deliver within our community.

Contact Us To Join In

Email: info@weraroa.co.nz