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The Weraroa CC White Heron Academy 2019-2020

**The Club Academy Starts Monday 14th Oct 2019**  

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**Any Player, Any Skill Level**

**Its Free**



The club academy is open to all youth players, male & female players, and also current HKCA / MCA Rep Players.

Both Male & Female Are Welcome.

Its Free - No cost involved if you are a WCC Member.

The Academy Involves T20, T24, College, Womans, As, Bs, Presidents Grades & Levels.

WCC REGO - Rego Your Child's Interest

Academy Options - Click On The Below Link.

Training Start Times / Dates

The Academy runs every week and the groups train every two weeks (Alternate Weeks)

Monday 14th Oct 2019 

3.30pm - 5.00pm -  WCC T24 11 YEARS -  14 YEARS JUNIOR ACADEMY (Alternate Week, Next Back Mon 28th Oct)

5.00pm -  6.30pm -  Woman - WCC 15 YEARS - 18 YEARS COLLEGE ELITE ACADEMY  (Alternate Week, Next Back Mon 28th Oct)

Monday 21st Oct 2019

3.30pm - 5.00pm -  WCC T20 6 YEARS - 10 YEARS FOUNDATION ACADEMY  (Alternate Week, Next Back Mon 4th Nov)

5.00pm -  6.30pm -  Boys WCC 15 YEARS - 18 YEARS COLLEGE ELITE ACADEMY   (Alternate Week, Next Back Mon 4th Nov)

Better People, Better Players.

About The Academy

The Weraroa cricket Academy coaching and player development idea using new age techniques, tools and platforms to make quality cricket coaching available to the youth at Weraroa CC aged 6-14 years old & 15-18 Years old. no matter, gender, skill level.

We at Weraroa CC  believe that to become a good player on the field you must also be a good person off the field.

Our club programs both online and offline reflect that and we will endeavour to provide players skills that benefit them on and off the field by exposing them to professional players, coaches and industry experts in areas like fitness, nutrition and psychology.


The cost of the academy & group coaching sessions run by the club being online and live coaching / support sessions will be FREE... to every one part of the Academy.

Extra one on one coaching, Gym & fitness support, Nutrition and Psychology support required will be available at players own expense.

Please contact us at the club if you have any questions.

Our Values

Innovation - Pioneers in providing new ways to develop players on and off the field.

Growth Mindset - Always looking for ways to improve.

Accessibility - Provide elite level coaching to players no matter gender or skill.

Role Models - Follow in the right footsteps.

Honesty - Always honest with ourselves and others and never shy away from an uncomfortable situation.

Fun and Enjoyment - Everything we do is fun and we always celebrate wins.

Team - Collaborative, hard working and functional.

Our Mission

Our Mission

“To contribute to improving 100 youth aged club players on and off the field in the next 5 years at Weraroa CC.

Readying players for an easier entry into the tough senior club cricket environment and age grade rep levels.

What We Do

We provide cricket coaching programs both on and offline and live group support to help players improve their skills, fitness, mindset and game awareness.

We make it simpler for you to succeed in cricket.


Start Date: Monday 14th Oct 2019

Our club academy team will work with a certain age group every week on a Monday evening at The Weraroa Domain or other local venues like a gym, pool, college / school halls.

Players will continue to be part of our normal club Thursday arvo / evening training's. 

Online Support

The club will provide an online Facebook group page for each age level for children and parents to join for mentor support, and online coaching involving some videos.

The club will also provide a Teamsnap Group for great club communication by the Club academy team.

All players will have their own work booklet for the season, players are asked to bring this with them every week.  In the future the club will have its own coaching app, and wont require paper booklets. 

WCC Academy Managers

Brett Cole

Email: info@weraroa.co.nz

Phone: 0275094743

Info / Facts

"In most sports, the clubs are better resourced to run sport than the schools," Cricket is the prime example.

"Some kids and parents are being asked to make really big decisions while they're still at school," We want our club to be seen as an option for that serious cricket player.

"I'm hearing more and more parents say if they don't get their kids into the big schools or stronger clubs, they won't make it,"  

"We will do our best to provide the tools before for the next step to Rep or NZC cricket 

Fundamental Questions.

Is this Academy backed by NZC, CD, HKCA? 

No - Not at present, this is just a Weraroa club run programme's.  

The club has not been in contact with NZC, CD, HKCA, This is a in house project.


Who Is The Coach?

Daniel Williams - UK Level 2 Coach

Neil Barnett - NZC L2 Coach

Will my child benefit in the long-term from the academy or programmes?: 

That is our goal until your child is ready to step into higher NZC programmes run by HKCA or CD.

No reason also why WCC members cant do both when ready.

For whose benefit is the academy programme's?:  

Player / Families & Club.

Will kids and parents be brainwashed by people at this academy who have ulterior motives: 

No, this is not our vision, our focus to player development which will support our club player & team strength and support the club future holding onto players long term.

Does it take a holistic approach to the child or will it reinforce the one-dimensional notion that my child is only a cricket player?:  

You decide on that one as a family.   This is not the club goal.  We support children and youth trying many sports.

Some of our popular training programs will be:


Power Hitting T20 Master Class

Swing Bowling Master Class

Batting Against Spin Master Class

Fast Bowlers Execution

Wicket Keeping  Master Class

Batting Against Pace Master Class

White Ball Spin Bowling Master Class

Fast Bowling Error Correction Master Class

Cricket Mental Mastery Course

Peak Performance Cricket Fitness Program 

Personal Goal Setting Course

Cricket Nutrition Secrets Course