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Our Weraroa CC 2022-2023 Committee

The White Heron Committee


Club Manager
This role is vacant at present.  

All club manager inquiries please email the club president.

Phone:  0212937384 (Darlene)
Email: info@weraroa.co.nz

Daryl Morgan

Club President
Daryl Morgan has been involved with the club for 10+ years and this club has really been a family club which has had his family involved with for many years.

Daryl is new to being a club president but understands the value of having a strong committee and solid structures and rules for the club.  He has spent a lot of time training and developing strong and safe systems for our members.

Daryl's wife Darlene has also held many club roles in the past with the club and always full of knowledge.

Daryl  comes with a lot of skills being on many sporting and culture boards during many years and runs his own trucking company.

Daryl is all about club community and bringing people together, Daryl is a massive asset to the club and is the key to the club moving towards future club success.

Daryl Morgan
Phone: 0212937384 (Darlene)
Email: info@weraroa.co.nz

Darlene Morgan

Club Treasurer
Darlene Morgan has been involved with the club since she was a child having her parents involved with the club, 

Darlene had a short break from the club, but returned to the club when her son Tom was wanting to play cricket.  

Darlene is self employed and run a business with her husband Daryl who also plays for the club president team and is the club president.

The Morgan family are a big asset to the club, and Darlene's main focus has been getting young players into the game and playing the great game.

If you want to know any thing about the club or local cricket Darlene will know your answers.

Darlene Morgan
Phone: 0212937384
Email: info@weraroa.co.nz 

Weraroa Committee May 2022

The Weraroa Cricket Club is very lucky to have a stable club committee, we have a great mix of skills involving business skills and financial skills and cricket knowledge.

The club is very  lucky to have many woman on our cricket club committee, some-thing most cricket clubs and other sporting clubs would  love to have.

The committee also has a strong network team all supporting the club committee involving accountants, auditors, lawyers, business mentors, sport club mentors and business coaches, other sporting club committees from different sporting and Art codes.  And the list goes on.

Our club leaders believe in role training and offering support, and make sure we are involved with monthly trainings involving meetings and online trainings.  We don't know what we don't know, so we are very open about learning new skills to help the club.

We are very open to all new support being offered to help us continue to provide the club and the game of cricket to the local community.


Want To Join The Club Committee?   


Click here to view the club web page for volunteering.   The club is also looking for new club volunteers to help the club and build the club based on the values and goals we have in place.  All decisions made are based around the club ROA values and behaviours and our club rules and club planning.   

Check out our club rules:  Click Here

Check out our club committee roles:  Click Here

Check out our club future planning and goals: Click Here

Check out our club health and safety policy: Click Here

View our videos to understand the club history: Click Here 

Please contact the club president if you wish to join our club committee ot have any questions.  We are happy to explain any club policies to any one interested.    Thanks in advance.

Want to view club committee roles Click Here  - We are always looking for new committee members.

Club 2022 - 2023 Committee 

Next Club AGM - Nov 2022

Club Patron: KB Swain + Gerald De Castro

Club President: Daryl Morgan

Club Vice President: Shaun Brown

Club Secretary: Julie Shapiro

Club Vice Secretary: Shaun Brown

Club Treasurer: Darlene Morgan

Club Captain:  Cheryl Nielsen     

Club Vice Captain:  Carl Trask

Club Bar Manager:  Cheryl Nielsen

Club Funding officer: Julie Shapiro

Club Web Site / I.T Support: TBA

Honorary Auditor:  CK Kelly Palmerston North

U13 Junior Cricket Co-ordinator/s: Glenys Nel & Louise Grimstone

Senior & College Cricket Co-ordinator/s: Daryl & Darlene Morgan


Club Committee: (Includes Main Role Holders, does not include club patrons)

  1. Daryl Morgan            
  2. Julie Shapiro               
  3. Glenys Nel                 
  4. Richard Brown
  5. Carl Trask   
  6. Neil Anderson            
  7. Prashant Patel        
  8. Shaun Brown   
  9. Danny Bruhn                                  
  10. Cheryl Nielsen                       
  11. Darlene Morgan 
  12. Louise Grimstone
  13. Deb Culleton
  14.  John Wehipeihana                          

Club paid / contracted people being club manager, club dev manager, club coaches can not be on the club committee as per club rules and vote at club meetings or the club AGM. 

They are welcome to be part of club meetings when required but cant place a club vote.

The next  club AGM will be held between Oct-Nov 2022

Club Committee At Prize Giving March 2018

Club Prize Giving 2019 - Some Fun Is Had Also!!