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WCC Elite College Academy 13 - 18 Year Old's

WCC Elite College Academy 13-18 Year Old's - Starts The 14th Oct 2019


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Open To Both Being Male & Females.

We'll focus on every aspect of your child's game including technical, physical, mental and tactical so they're ready for the transition to senior cricket.

How Much Would Your Child Improve If Given An Opportunity In The Right Environment?

Stand Out From The Pack This Season

You've probably realised by now that the BIG challenge for every 13-18 year old player is to make the transition from junior cricket and have an impact on senior cricket straight away.

They go from being one of the top players in their team and getting a lot of time and attention at training...

To becoming just one of many in the harsh environment of senior cricket and having to fend for themselves.

They don't get much of a go, they don't get much attention and as a result their performances fall away and their interest in the game drops.

And that's why we've developed the WCC Elite Youth Academy.

We realise that youth cricketers need to be nurtured and mentored during their transition to senior cricket.

So we worked to develop a holistic coaching program that gives youth players access to an elite like environment, quality coaches plus constant support through our online training.


The WCC Elite Academy program includes...

The x 1.5 Hour Elite College Academy will be run every 2 weeks during the cricket season and held after school / college.   

One week we will run our college boys, the other week we will run our college woman.

WCC Coaches 2019-2020

Neil Barnett - NZC L2 Coach

Daniel Williams - UK L2 Coach

Pre Season Program

Functional movement, fitness and skills testing including skill development and physical conditioning to make sure your child is in top condition for the start of the season.

Group Training Sessions 

Our high performance sessions are based around specific skill development, game sense and improving players mental, physical and tactical skills.

Online Academy & Facebook Mentor Group

Unique to WCC, we've created a flexible learning environment through our online training portal where they'll receive regular live training sessions plus constant feedback and support from our professional coaches inside our private Facebook community.

Video Analysis

A favourite among payers in our programs. They'll receive video footage of themselves batting and bowling accompanied by feedback from our professional coaches. One of the most powerful coaching tools available.

Elite S & C Program

Cricket specific strength and conditioning program written by one of our dedicated S&C coaches. They'll learn how to develop their body the right way.

Cricket Mental Mastery Program

An in-depth mental skills program developed with renowned sports psychologist . Hours of video training to help your child develop a successful mindset.

Group Diet & Nutrition Consultation

Your child/you will receive a diet and nutrition consultation with our resident nutritionist. She/he will gain an understanding of their current behaviors and habits and then advise on how to improve.

Great Value

With over coaching plus constant feedback, support and learning in our online community, the WCC Elite Youth Academy Program is GREAT value.  

This season this Academy is free..

Small Groups

Small groups and a great coach to player ratio ensures your child receives maximum 1-1 time and allows them to build a relationship with their coaches, while still experiencing the benefits of training in a dedicated group environment

Holistic Approach

Cricket is not just about technique. We have created the '4 Pillars' approach and educate players on how to improve mentally, physically and tactically as well. Improving their performance on and off the field.


Hands on coaching sessions throughout the year from quality coaches with the latest drills and techniques. Plus personal video analysis.


Your child will be put into different scenarios that will help rapidly improve their game awareness. We'll also teach them how to create strength based plans.

Physical & Mental

With dedicated S&C and nutrition coaches your child will learn how to, as well as the value in preparing and maintaining their body for athletic performance.

Often the missing link in a young player's game. We'll give your child the tools and techniques to create a powerful and successful mindset.

Lets Do This!


If you're truly serious about helping your child improve every aspect of their game, play their best cricket ever and make friends for life then the WCC Elite Academy can help you do that.

What Next....

Here's What Happens Next...

1. Rego above using the WCC Inquiry Web Form.

2. Leave your basic details in the online web form.

3. One of our friendly admin staff with call you to schedule an initial screening call with an WCC coach.

4. One of our coaches will call to learn more about your child and whether they're suitable for the program, as well as walk you though the program and answer any questions you have.

5. Once we both decide your child is a good fit for the program we'll get them registered and set up with access to our online academy and private mentor group right away.