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WCC T20 Foundation Academy 6 - 10 Years Old's

WCC T20 Foundation Academy 6-10 Year Old's


This progressive coaching program for 6-10yo will develop your young players technical skills and knowledge of the game, which is critical to their future success in cricket.

Open to both male & female.

How Much Would Your Child Improve If Given An Opportunity In The Right Environment? 

Listen, you've probably realised by now that there’s a real lack of options for young cricketers under the age of 12.

Plastic equipment, hitting off tees, retiring after 12 balls...

If your child is anything like the more advanced players in the 6 -10 age bracket, then they're likely getting bored and frustrated with what's on offer and losing interest in the game they love.

And that's exactly who we've created the WCC Foundation Academy for.

Imagine how much your child would improve and enjoy the game with the training they would receive in a quality coaching environment.

A progressive coaching program that will teach your child vital fundamental skills and improve their knowledge of the game in preparation for a long and successful cricket career.

All while using real equipment in a fun and energetic environment.

But we didn't stop there! 

This Is Great Value - Free 2019-2021

With regular coaching sessions throughout the season plus constant feedback, support and learning, the WCC Foundation Academy Program is GREAT value for money, because this season its FREE!!

While we as a club find our feet and get running this season the Foundation Academy Program at Weraroa CC will be no charge.

Small Groups

Small groups and a great coach to player ratio ensures your child receives maximum 1-1 time and allows them to build a relationship with their coaches.

Holistic Approach 

Cricket is not just about the technical side. Yes we'll improve your childs skills, but we'll focus on other aspects of their game such as game awareness, cricket knowledge and tactics.

We'll also ensure your child leaves the program confident and familiar with real equipment and hard cricket balls

Interact With Pros

Whether it be through our facebook or by online, or face to face, players in our academy programs love the fact they get to interact with professionals. Players, coaches, or industry experts such as fitness or nutritionists.


The WCC T20 Foundation Academy will be run on Mondays, every 2 weeks

Training Blocks

 x 1.5 Hours every 2 weekly sessions through out the season.  

Designed to progressively develop players skills and prepare them for longer format junior cricket. 

We'll also get your child familiar with using real equipment and hard balls. We'll also help your child develop plans to score runs and take wickets on game day.

We will also run a couple of class rooms training blocks during the cricket season.

Take Home Cricket Ed Resources

Part of each session will be dedicated to educating your child on other facets of the game. Rules, field settings, scoring, cricket terms etc. Lessons will be accompanied by a take home resource so they can continue their development away from the nets.

Access To Online Videos

Video training that provides a flexible learning environment and acts as an education resource for you, their supportive parent, and provides you with a HEAP of drills you can do with them in your own time.

Facebook Mentor

Parents receive constant support and feedback in our private Facebook community. Ask questions, share results and connect with other supportive parents

In Session Video

An extremely powerful coaching tool. Players receive in session video analysis to get instant visual feedback on areas they need to improve.

Lets Do This!


If you're truly serious about helping your child improve every aspect of their game, play their best cricket ever and make friends for life then the Australian Cricket Institute can help you do that.

Register your interest - By click here and completing our club web inquiry page.

What Happens Next...

 Here's What Happens Next...

1. Click to register. 

2. Leave your basic details in the club teamsnap web form.

3. One of our friendly WCC admin staff with call you for a brief chat.

4. One of our coaches will call to learn more about your child and whether they're suitable for the program, as well as walk you though the program and answer any questions you have.

5. Once we both decide your child is a good fit for the program we'll get them registered and set up with access to our online academy and private Facebook mentor group right away.

Skill Development

The age of 6-10 is such and important period for a players skill development. We'll ensure they're developing the vital basic fundamentals in a progressive way.

Understanding Of The Game

We educate our young athletes on more than just skills. At the WCC Foundation Academy they'll learn about rules, field placings and basic tactics that will have them ready to go for junior cricket.

Real Equipment

With limited opportunities for real equipment cricket at this age, we feel it's vital to build our athletes confidence in playing with hard balls and using real cricket equipment.