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Woman Cricket

Woman's Cricket

Our club woman's team play in the MCA comp in Palmerston North, the grade is very much entry level to cricket, and the womans game is really growing right now with heaps of teams to play between Palmerston North and Levin.

This team has woman aged 13 Years Plus, and is open to all woman.   The club is really working hard to offer woman cricket and see female cricket as being very important within the club, all woman teams having a club coaching slot and spend time with the senior and junior club coaches during the season.

Womans Game 

Cricket Format: T20 cricket - Normal cricket rules
Ball: Hard Pink Balls
Start Time: 1pm
Game Day: Saturday every week (small xmas break)
1st Game: Mid Oct
Training Starts: Mid Sep

During the Xmas period or subject to skill level woman are welcome to play and train as part of our club men's teams.    Past seasons we have had woman play in our mens President teams.

For more info please contact the club email address info@weraroa.co.nz

Weraroa Woman

The club live streams our game games played on our home ground at the Weraroa Domain, all games are shown live and also saved and posted on the club social media page for viewing.  Check out a few games to get an idea of the level & skill required